Cricket vs Football what is better

Exactly what is the distinction between football and cricket?

In this article, we will try to figure out the difference between cricket and football. Will consider style, areas, gears, and other aspects. What is better – decide for you!

Despite the fact that cricket looks to be more popular in India, both football and cricket are popular. Generally, cricket and football are the two most popular sports in the world, with 11 players on each team

Even while both sports have billions of admirers around the world, there are countries where one of them is not as well-known as the other. There is no doubt that cricket is king in India, as evidenced by the fact that IPL matches are one of the country’s most anticipated events.

There are numerous parallels between cricket and football, but there are also many distinctions between the two. If you’ve ever wondered what the differences between these two sports are, then you’ll want to read on.

Cricket vs. Football Playing style is fundamentally different

While both cricket and football are widely popular sports with devoted followings, there are some key differences between the two in terms of how they are played. Football games are played simultaneously by all of the players on the field, with a ball and two goalposts situated at varied distances. The goalposts are used as weapons by opposing sides in an effort to score goals and win the game.

In contrast, in a cricket match, only a portion of the team members play at the same time, with one team concentrating on batting while the other concentrates on bowling.

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The dimensions of the playing area

The shape and size of the playing field is another distinguishing feature of these two sports. Pitch dimensions for football range from 100-130 yards (90-120 meters) in length and 50-100 yards wide (45-90 meters).

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Cricket fields are either round or oval in shape. ICC Test Match Standard Playing Condition Law dictates that cricket fields should be between 137 and 150 meters in length.

The color and style of the team’s gear

Cricket and football differ dramatically in their use of uniforms and colors. Football players wear short-sleeve T-shirts, shorts, socks, and boots as part of their uniforms. To distinguish one team from the other, each squad must wear a different color uniform.

Long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirts, full-length pants, a cap, and spiked cricket shoes complete the attire. Players in the cricket team may also choose to don a sweater or pullover. During the test match in India, players wear white clothing, whereas in limited-overs games, they wear colored clothing.

Equipment and gear for player safety

In order to participate in either cricket or football, you must have the necessary safety clothing and equipment. Another area where the two games differ is in this regard. The only equipment required for a football game is the larger and softer football compared to cricket’s cricket ball. The goalkeeper’s hands are likewise protected by special gear.

In football, players can use any part of their body to hit the ball into the goalpost, except their hands, which constitute a foul. As a result, cricket is played with a wooden bat and a much smaller and tougher ball than the one used for football.

Structure of play and scoring in a game

Both games have a different playing and scoring system. When it comes to football, each half lasts 45 minutes plus injury time. In American football, the team with the best record (in terms of points scored) is deemed the winner.

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The way this game is played and scored differs from a cricket match. Batters vs. bowlers is the primary focus of the game. Batsman and bowler both work together to deliver the ball to the hitter while the opposing team tries to score runs. A cricket match, in contrast to a football one, can stretch for up to five days.

Various game mechanics

For any game, there are a few basic guidelines to follow. Punishments are given in football in the form of yellow and red cards. There are two types of yellow cards: the first is used as a warning to the player, and the second is used as a red card for disqualification.

Only in 2017 did the game of cricket get its first ever red card. A player cannot be disqualified from a match before this time period. However, following the introduction of the red card in 2017, a player who defaults might be disqualified instantly. In cricket, there is no such thing as a yellow card penalty.


Cricket and football are popular sports in India, where cricket is the most popular sport. In addition, each game has its own unique characteristics, many of which an Indian bettor must be aware of. It’s easier to play on them if you grasp the similarities and contrasts between the two sports.

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